STEM Education

Pre-service Teacher Preparation at TC

The TC Math and Science Division has six courses that are designed with Pre-service teachers in mind. In these courses students have the opportunity for experiencing and modeling both the academic content and the appropriate pedagogy for teaching the discipline specific content. These courses primarily reach teachers in the K-8 area where students are in some of their most formative years. Change the knowledge and attitude of one teacher and they changes hundreds of students.

These classes use the Hands-on, Minds-on approach of teaching with group collaboration, manipulatives, and technology. They employ an active approach to teaching.

Math 1350 and 1351 – Taught by Jamie Ashby – First use of this approach began in 1993

            Math specifically for teachers

Physics 1415 and 1417 – Taught by Delbert Dowdy – First use of approach in 1997

            Physical Science with emphasis on teaching topics

Biology 1408 and 1409 – First taught by David Allard and then Mark Storey – First use of approach in 1994.

            Special course for Non-majors aimed at teachers