Environmental Institute

Prof. Delores McCright,  has worked to educate the Texarkana community concerning environmental issues for over twenty years. Through active programs that involve her students and the TC Earth Club as well as community wide organizations such as the Texarkana Audubon Society. 

TC will begin teaching coursework leading to a two year Associates Degree in Science with an emphasis in Environmental Science as well as a twelve month Environmental Science certificate program in the Fall of 2012.  Contact Prof. Delores McCright for more information about this exciting new opportunity.

Report on Texas Stream Team & Volunteer Water Monitoring 2010

Delores McCright, TC professor of Biology, is the contact for this project and provides materials and training for the TC Stream Team and the community. Students that participate in the project select their own streams and develop a monitoring plan.
Nick Barber, TC student and Texas Stream Team member, reported on his involvement with the program. During the past school year, over 50 individuals were trained, including 32 that trained for E. coli. Tests required for training include D.O., pH, conductivity, & secchi disc readings with all data submitted to TCEQ. Monitoring required over 2000 mile of travel and 1035 hours of effort. The next training session is scheduled for September 18, 2010 at 9 AM.
Nathan Drake, TC student and Texas Stream Team member, reported on the annual Texas Stream Team & River Institute Meeting on June 26, 2010. The Texarkana College team was recognized for their volunteer efforts.
Delores McCright, team leader, wrapped up the discussion with a historical summary of the TC volunteer efforts. This group has provided 19 years of monitoring data that includes comparisons of urban streams vs. ponds and other area water bodies. Her opinion is that conditions, in general, are fine, and that the seasonal changes observed are normal. She additionally commented that the drought in this area has affected natural vegetation and that citizens should not allow activities that would reduce the amount of available water in this region.

Delores McCright

Prof. Biological Sciences