Palmer Memorial Library Collection Development Policy

A.  Purpose Statement

It is the purpose of the Palmer Memorial Library to develop and maintain a collection sufficient in size and scope to adequately support the various programs at Texarkana College.  It is not the goal of the community college library to build a comprehensive or research collection in any one subject area.

B.  Responsibilities of Selectors

The Director of Library Services is responsible for purchasing decisions based on selection criteria, need, and recommendations from faculty members in the various disciplines.  Choice Cards are periodically sent to the Division Chairs to disseminate to faculty members, and faculty members may make other recommendations as need arises.  Additionally, the library keeps an active deposit account with eBook vendors for the purchase on demand option.

C.  Materials Considered for Acquisition

The library strives to maintain an appropriate balance between print and electronic resources such as eBooks and eJournals.  Books, journals, magazines, newspapers, reference sources, aggregate databases, and other sources that support class assignments and faculty development are carefully considered for addition to the collection.

D.  Materials Not Considered for Acquisition

The following materials are generally not considered for addition to the collection:
1.  Current required textbooks and lab manuals, though if requested, professors may place a copy in Library Reserves for limited checkout;
2.  Research materials beyond the scope of first- and second-year college student research needs, such as highly specialized technical journals and research materials;
3.  Rare materials or limited editions;
4.  Resources that are cost-prohibitive and can be rented or licensed for a reasonable price;
5.  Foreign language materials, except those that support foreign language classes at Texarkana College;
6.  Out-of-print materials are purchased only under special circumstances.

E.  Gifts

The same selection criteria that apply to other acquisitions also apply to donations.  The library reserves the right to refuse materials or to dispose of materials after acceptance that do not meet the college’s needs.  The college does not verify the stated value, nor is it able to list titles donated, but may respond to the donor with a letter verifying the number of items donated.

F.  Maintenance of the Collection

An essential element of collection maintenance is the periodic and systematic weeding of all formats of materials from the collection.  The following criteria will be considered when weeding, or removing, materials from the collection:
1.  Obsolete, inaccurate, or superceded materials;
2.  Multiple copies without justification;
3.  Volumes in condition beyond repair;
4.  Materials in outdated format;
5.  Selective retention of materials over 10 years old in rapidly advancing subject areas such as science, health, and technology.  Exceptions are made for materials that are retained for historical purposes.