TC@TexAmericas offers a comprehensive welding program at the TexAmericas site at Red River Army Depot.  Courses are offered in all areas of welding through fabrication and welding exotic materials that can lead to a journeyman certification.  The degree offered is a Level I Certificate.  This certificate requires three semesters or twelve months for completion.  The courses are one semester in length.  Instruction is individualized, and students in the same shop study different topics and can be enrolled in different semesters at the same time.

Location:  TC@TexAmericas which is located off of I30, exit 206, Spur 86, on James Carlow Drive at Red River Army Depot.  It is located approximately 15 minutes from the main campus.

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Program Coordinator:  Phillip Scarborough

Email Phillip Scarborough

Phone:  903-823-3289  Phillip Scarborough

Office Phones:  903-823-3110, 903-823-3162, 903-823-3113


Summer 2014 Classes

 Course   Title Hours Days Start Time End Time Instructor
 WLDG 1421           (1st Sem)   Welding Fundamentals  4  M-F  7:30 am  2:30 pm  Scarborough
 WLDG 1337           (1st Sem)   Intro to Welding Metallurgy  3  M-F  7:30 am  2:30 pm  Scarborough
 WLDG 1428           (1st Sem)   Intro to Shield Metal Arc  4  M-F  7:30 am  2:30 pm  Scarborough
 WLDG 2443           (1st Sem)   Advanced Shielded Metal Arc  4  M-F  7:30 am  2:30 pm  Scarborough
 WLDG 1413           (2nd Sem)   Intro to Blueprint Reading  4  M-F  7:30 am  2:30 pm  Scarborough
 WLDG 1430           (2nd Sem)   Intro to Gas Metal Arc  4  M-F  7:30 am  2:30 pm Scarborough
 WLDG 1434           (2nd Sem)   Intro to Gas Tungsten Arc  4  M-F  7:30 am  2:30 pm  Scarborough
 WLDG 1535           (3rd Sem)   Intro to Pipe Welding  5  M-F  7:30 am  2:30 pm  Scarborough
 WLDG 2553           (3rd Sem)   Advanced Pipe Welding  5  M-F  7:30 am  2:30 pm  Scarborough
 WLDG 1391           (3rd Sem)   Special Topics in Welding  3  M-F  7:30 am  2:30 pm  Scarborough
 WLDG 2288           (3rd Sem)   Internship  2  M-F  7:30 am  2:30 pm  Scarborough


Certificate Plan:


Level I Certificate
First Semester
WLDG 1421 Welding Fundamentals 4 SCH
WLDG 1337 Introduction to Welding Metallurgy 3 SCH
WLDG 1428 Introduction to Shield Metal Arc (SMAW) 4 SCH
WLDG 2443 Advanced Shielded Metal Arc 4 SCH
15 SCH
Second Semester
WLDG 1413 Introduction to Blueprint Reading for Welders   4 SCH
WLDG 1430 Introduction to Gas Metal Arc   4 SCH
WLDG 1434 Introduction to Gas Tungsten Arc (GTAW) Welding   4 SCH
    TOTAL 12 SCH
Third Semester
WLDG 1535 Introduction to Pipe Welding   5 SCH
WLDG 2553 Advanced Pipe Welding   5 SCH
WLDG 1391 Special Topics in Welding   3 SCH
WLDG 2288  Internship   2  
    TOTAL 15 SCH