Diesel Technology

TC@TexAmericas offers a comprehensive Diesel Technology program.  The Diesel Technology certificate program offers a number of career options by providing students the opportunity to earn a one-year certificate.  Most of our students go directly into the workforce as technicians while some go on to start their own business.  A background in Diesel Technology can be a valuable asset in a number of industries.  The Diesel Technology program consists of 42 semester credit hours of coursework and commonly takes three semesters to complete when taken during the day.  The range of study varies from shop safety to failure analysis.

Location:  TC@TexAmericas which is located off of I30, exit 206, Spur 86 on James Carlow Drive at Red River Army Depot.  It is located approximately 15 minutes from the main campus.

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Program Coordinator:  David Lipscomb

Email David Lipscomb

David Lipscomb:  903-823-3389

Office Phones:  903-823-3110, 903-823-3162, 903-823-3113

Summer 2014 Classes

 Course   Title Hours Days Start Time End Time Instructor
 DEMR 1301                  (1st Sem)   Shop Safety and Procedures  3  M-F  8:00 am  3:00 pm Lipscomb
 DEMR 1405                  (1st Sem)   Basic Electrical Systems  4  M-F  8:00 am  3:00 pm Lipscomb
 DEMR 1306                  (1st Sem)   Diesel Engines I  3  M-F  8:00 am  3:00 pm Lipscomb
 DEMR 1421                  (1st Sem)   Power Train I  4  M-F  8:00 am  3:00 pm Lipscomb


Degrees Offered: Level I Certificate

Level I Certificate
First Semester
DEMR 1301 Shop Safety and Procedures   3 SCH
DEMR 1405 Basic Electrical Systems   4 SCH
DEMR 1306 Diesel Engine I   3 SCH
DEMR 1421 Power Train I   4 SCH
    TOTAL 14 SCH
Second Semester
DEMR 1410 Diesel Engine Testing and Repair I   4 SCH
DEMR 2412 Diesel Engine Testing and Repair II   4 SCH
DEMR 1317 Basic Brake Systems   3 SCH
DEMR 1423 Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Troubleshooting and Repair   4 SCH
    TOTAL 15 SCH
Third Semester
DEMR 2432 Electronic Controls   4 SCH
DEMR 1449 Diesel Engine II   4 SCH
DEMR 2334 Advanced Diesel Tune – Up and Troubleshooting   3 SCH
DEMR 2266 Practicum   2 SCH
    TOTAL 13 SCH