Dual Credit

General Requirements

To be eligible for enrollment in a dual credit course, students must have at least a junior year high school standing. High school students are only allowed to take two dual credit courses at one time. Exceptions to these requirements are students with demonstrated outstanding academic performance and approval by the principal of the high school and the Chief Instructional Officer of the college. Included in this program are academic and workforce course offerings. This program is not in competition with, or in lieu of, high school credit. It is designed to offer high school students the opportunity to accelerate their educational program.

Instructors must be regularly employed faculty members of the college or must meet the same standards (including minimal requirements of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools).

Regular academic policies applicable to courses taught at the college’s main campus must also apply to dual credit courses. These policies could include the appeal process for disputed grades, drop policy, the communication of grading policy to students, when the syllabus must be distributed, etc. Students in dual credit courses are eligible to utilize the same or comparable services that are afforded college students on the main campus.

Dual Credit Class Offerings

Check with your high school counselor for a list of dual credit classes offered through your ISD.

Workforce (WECM) v. Academic (ACGM) Dual Credit

Academic Dual Credit courses typically transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Students taking these courses often plan to pursue a four-year degree after high school graduation. Courses listed in the Academic Course Guide Manual (ACGM) are eligible for academic dual credit.

Workforce Dual Credit courses more than likely will not transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Students taking these courses often plan to enroll in a certificate or  AAA degree program at TC. Courses listed in the Workforce Education Course Manual (WECM) are eligible for workforce dual credit. High school students may be able to take courses not approved for dual credit as an early admission student (college credit only). Contact TC’s Advising Department. 903-823-3283

All dual credit courses offered at the high school and the corresponding course offered at the main campus of the college are equivalent with respect to the curriculum, contact hours, materials, instruction, and method/rigor of evaluation of student performance, regardless of student composition of the class.

Dual Credit Admissions Requirement

To be admitted to the dual credit program, all students must:

  1. Complete a TC application for admission at www.applytexas.org(New students only).
  2. Present a dual credit early admission registration form with all required signatures (ISD’s  provide this form when it is time to register)
  3. Present a current high school transcript at the time of registration (ISD’s  provide TC with student transcripts)
  4. Students who will attend a dual credit class on TC campus or site will need to present a copy of their vaccination/shot record verifying the Meningitis vaccination (students must receive vaccination no later than 10 days prior to the first day of class) For exemptions, visit our Meningitis Vaccine Requirements page.
  5. Present proof of test scores for restricted course/courses (Check with your high school counselor concerning TSI exemptions)

Financial Aid

Dual Credit students are not eligible for Financial Aid.

Refund Policy

To be eligible for a refund, students must officially drop individual courses or completely withdraw from the College by the deadline in the Refund Schedule. Specific provisions of the Texas Administrative Code, Title 19, Part I, Chapter 21, Subchapter A, Rule 21.5 “Refund of Tuition and Fees at Public Community/Junior and Technical Colleges,” govern the refund schedule. Only the Texas Legislature or the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board as authorized by the Legislature can alter this schedule.

Refund Table

Students officially withdrawing during a regular 16-week semester are eligible for a refund of tuition and fees according to the following schedule:

100% refund………………………………………………….. Prior to the first class day
70% refund……………………………………………………. First through fifteenth class day
25% refund……………………………………………………. Sixteenth through twentieth class day

NOTE: If you are on an Installment Payment Plan and have not made all installments, your refund may apply to any outstanding payments.


If a student wishes to drop a class they should first discuss the matter with his/her high school counselor. It is the student’s responsibility to let their instructor know they wish to withdraw from the class. The instructor will submit the drop and the official drop date through My TC. Students should follow up on their drop with a phone call to TC Admissions. Students can also come to TC campus and complete a drop request themselves. Students will receive a W until after the date as published in the semester schedule calendar. A W has no academic consequence. Students may not request a drop after this official published date.

Awarding Credit

Official college transcripts are made available to students while they are enrolled in high school; however, upon graduation from high school, the student’s official records will be held until the Office of Admissions receives a completed high school transcript. Re-enrollment at TC following high school graduation is encouraged, but is not required for receiving credit. Students should check with the institution they plan to transfer to regarding the transferability of dual credit/early admissions coursework.

Student Grievance Procedure

High school students should consult with their high school administrator before starting the grievance process. Students wishing to review the action of a particular individual or department should direct their questions to the one who supervises the individual or department in question. More information on the student grievance procedure can be found in the Texarkana College Student Handbook.

For more information please contact TC’s dual credit coordinator:

stephanie.stokes@texarkanacollege.edu 903-823-3214