OIT Frequently Asked Questions

About usernames

Every student has a new, unique login to access a multitude of services at Texarkana College. Your login is your first initial, a period, the first 14 letters of your last name, and the last four digits of your T-Number. For example, if your name is Jane Doe and your T-Number is T12345678, then your username will be j.doe5678. If your name is John Jingleheimer-Smith and your T-Number is T87654321, then your login will be j.jingleheimersmi4321. This username will not only allow you to login to computers on campus, but is also your myTC login.

What is my T-Number or Student ID?

The T-Number is another name for a student ID number, and it is issued to all students. The number begins with a T followed by eight numbers (example: T12345678). You will use your unique T-Number a lot during your time at Texarkana College — for everything from registering for classes to checking out library books, so you should do your best to remember it. If you received myTC card, keep it with you for easy reference. You can also use our online T-Number look-up form.

About passwords

If you have never logged into a Texarkana College computer system using your new username as described above, your initial password will be myTC + your six-digit date of birth (mmddyy). For example, if your birth date is 01-01-2985, your initial password will be myTC010185. Upon your first login to a system, you will be asked to reset your password. Passwords for your accounts must follow these rules:

  • At least 8 characters long
  • No longer than 20 characters
  • Contain at least one number (Hint: use a number to replace a letter, change i to 1, E to 3, O to 0, S to 5.)
  • Contain at least one UPPER CASE letter
  • Contain as least one lower case letter

Example passwords:

  • Welcome2TC
  • Ri5ingS7ar
  • TCBulld0g5

I forgot my T-Number

Beginning with the Fall 2011 term, Texarkana College will be using a new Student Information System. Because of this change, all students will have a new Student ID number, called a T-Number. Your T-Number should be included in any communication that was sent to you from Texarkana College. If you’ve already received your new myTC Student ID card, your T-Number will also be on your ID. If you still have trouble locating your T-Number, click this link and you will be asked to provide information in order to retrieve your T-Number. If you are still unable to retrieve your T-Number, please call the Texarkana College helpdesk at 866-614-5008.

I forgot my password

If you forget your password, visit myTC at https://my.texarkanacollege.edu. You can click on the “Can’t Login” link here to reset your password. This functionality is available only if you have logged into myTC before and set up your security questions. If you have never logged into myTC and you do not know your password, please call the Texarkana College helpdesk at 866-614-5008.

Do I get a Texarkana College email address?

Every student will have a new email address. We will be using Microsoft’s Outlook as our email application and you will have access to all the other Outlook features, such as email forwarding, calendaring, etc. Your Outlook email address will be your myTC login @texarkanacollege.edu. For example, if your myTC username is j.doe5678, then your email address will be j.doe5678@texarkanacollege.edu. The easiest way to access your email will be to log into myTC and click the Email icon, as you will automatically be signed into your email account if on campus, not having to remember your username and password. If off campus, the email address, for username, and password will be required.

Can I get to my online classes through myTC?

Yes. Another feature of myTC is the integration of Moodle. The most helpful feature will be Single Sign On capability. The easiest way to access TC Online will be to log into myTC and click the TC Online icon, as you will automatically be signed into your TC Online account, not having to remember your TC Online username and password.