Introduction to Bladesmithing

Monday-Friday, April 21-May 2 | 8-5 p.m. | $850 | 2 wks

This 2-week course is designed for anyone interested in making quality hand forged blades. Course will include lecture and hands-on work.


Monday-Friday, May 5-9 | 8-5 p.m. | $700 | 1 week

Basic patterns will be included in this detailed study of Damascus. Attention will also be given to pattern variations, pattern manipulation, etc.

Handles and Guards

Monday-Friday, May 12-16 | 8-5 p.m. | $700 | 1 week

Includes detailed information on handles, both full-tang and narrow tang, guards, butt camps, decorative file work, spiral dagger handles, silver inlay work, finished blades, etc.