Student Government Association earns state honors


At the Texas Junior College Student Government Association State Convention in Austin on April 10-14, students Kyle Elliott, Elizabeth Elliott, Jesse Darby-Tillis, Josh Goodwin, Jay Goodwin, Ashley Todd, and John Massey, along with advisor Doug Saffel, represented the TC Student Government Association, garnering multiple achievements.

  • Ashley Todd is the newly elected State Executive Board Parliamentarian for 2014-15. This is an important position that requires three executive board meetings, where the board plans everything for TJCSGA at the state level. This impacts thousands of students at 72 community colleges in Texas.
  • Delegates were instrumental in taking direct action and providing a voice for students at the state level. During a general assembly attended by 500 students and advisors, Kyle Elliott gave a speech that received a standing ovation.
  • Advisor Doug Saffel was elected Region III Advisor-Elect, meaning he will have a direct leadership role in managing the 15 colleges that make up our strong and active region. This position is a two-year term–in 2015-16, Saffel will be Region III Advisor.
  • Texarkana College has been named Host School for the 2015 Spring Region III Conference. This is a one-day conference where TC SGA will facilitate assembles, meetings, workshops, and food and entertainment for approximately 100 students from across our region.