Requirements for Admissions

Texarkana College is an open-admissions college; however we do have steps that must be met according to your background. Once requirements are met, you will be accepted into Texarkana College. It is the policy of Texarkana College to admit students without regard to race, color, sex, disability, age, or national origin.
Methods of Admission A person may be admitted to Texarkana College by any one of the following methods:

  • Graduates of accredited high schools–includes both academic and vocational/technical students
  • Individuals with General Educational Development (GED) Certificates–includes both academic and   vocational/technical students.
  • Individual Approval–A student who is not a graduate of a state accredited high school, but who is 18 years of age or older may be admitted conditionally at the discretion of the Director of Admissions.  Students admitted by this method are placed on probationary status for the first semester and remain subject to the requirements of probation until that student has raised his/her grade point average to the level of satisfactory progress as stated in the college catalog.
  • Early Admission–A high school student, after completion of the 10th grade with the consent of his parents, may be recommended by the high school principal for admission.
  • Transfer Students–Texarkana College welcomes transfer students.  Transfer credits must be from an institution accredited as degree granting by a regional accrediting commission.  All transfer credits are evaluated and the student is presented with a formal evaluation during their first semester of enrollment.  No more than 75% of the credits required for an associate degree will be accepted for transfer.  Military personnel may qualify for additional credits upon presentation of proper documentation and subsequent evaluation according to recommendations set forth in ACE guidelines.
  • “Right to An Academic Fresh Start” – A student who is a resident of Texas has the right to apply for undergraduate admission and not have coursework completed 10 or more years prior to the date of anticipated enrollment included as consideration in the admissions decision. This allows undergraduate students to begin a new course of study with a clear academic record. Click here for additional information.
  • International Students – The college encourages the enrollment of international students who satisfy regular entrance requirements and have proficiency in the use of the English Language. The completed application and ALL supporting documents (1-6 below) must be received in the Office of Admissions at least two (2) months prior to the desired enrollment date. The applicant will be informed by mail of his/her admission status. Click here for additional information.


List of all documents and items needed
General Requirements for Admission to Texarkana College Texarkana College is an open-admissions college; however we do have steps that must be met according to your background. Once requirements are met, you will be accepted into Texarkana College.1. Complete the online application for admission.

2. Provide an official high school transcript with graduation date or GED and ALL transcripts of previous colleges.  Transfer credits will be evaluated by the Director of Admissions.

3. Provide evidence of Meningitis Vaccine.

4. Provide evidence of immunizations as required by state law as required in certain health related programs.

5. Furnish THEA, Accuplacer, ACT, SAT and/or local placement test scores.

6. Graduates who receive their high school diploma or equivalent from non-traditional means such as home study, private schools, etc. must satisfactorily pass all parts of the ACT, SAT, THEA, or Local Placement Exams prior to enrollment in order to enroll in good standing.  Students who elect not to take any of these tests or score below passing on any part, are admitted on probationary status and are not eligible to receive any financial aid for the first semester of enrollment.


TEXAS SUCCESS INITIATIVEThe Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requires students to be assessed in reading, writing and math skills prior to enrolling in college. The primary assessment used by Texarkana College is the Texas Higher Education Assessment, or THEA, exam. TSI and THEA have basically replaced TASP regulations that have been in effect since September of 1989. Much like the previous TASP law, many students may be permanently exempt from test requirements while others may have requirements temporarily waived.A student who has not satisfied all TSI requirements must be advised by academic advisors prior to registration. Academic Advisors, working with each individual student, will create a plan for academic success that will outline developmental courses and/or retesting that may be required to satisfy all TSI criteria.


  • Transfer coursework from an out-of-state institution with a grade of C or better in certain courses;
  • Transfer coursework from a private or independent institution of higher education with grade of C or better in certain courses;
  • Active duty military service or members of reserve armed forces serving for at least 3 years preceding enrollment;
  • Student who on or after August 1, 1990, was honorably discharged, retired, or released from active duty as a member of the armed forces of the United States or the Texas National Guard or service as a member of a reserve component of the armed forces of the United States;
  • Earned Associate or Baccalaureate degree from an institution of higher education;
  • ACT composite score of 23 or higher with a minimum of 19 on the math and English sections (ACT scores are good for 5 years);
  • SAT total score of 1070 combined with a minimum of 500 on the math test and 500 on the verbal test (SAT scores are good for 5 years);
  • TAKS – Math 2200, English/Language Arts (ELA) 2200 with writing subscore of at least 3. (TAKS scores are good for 3 years);

NOTE: Partial exemptions are possible based on ACT, SAT or TAKS scores. Contact the Advising Center for additional information.

Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Cosmetology Instructor
Auto Body Repair Culinary Arts
Automotive Technology Criminal Justice Administration
Banking and Finance Diesel Technology
Child Development Drafting Technology
Child Development Associate Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling
Early Childhood Training Electricity – Industrial
Computer Technology and Information Systems Electronics Technology
A+ Computer Maintenance and Repair *Emergency Medical Technology
Automated Office Personnel Management Supervisor/Facilitator
CISCO Networking Marketing
Computer Operator/Programmer Office Careers
Data Entry Operator Office Professions
E-Commerce Real Estate
Networking Administrator Small Engine Repair
Construction Technology *Vocational Nursing
*Cosmetology Welding
  *Has special admissions requirements
Special Admission RequirementsTexarkana College reserves the right to require additional information for admission to certain programs.  Some examples are Cosmetology, Emergency Medical Technology, Associate Degree Nursing, and Vocational Nursing.  The specific requirements can be found with the individual programs in the college catalog.
Re-admission Policy
Any student placed on academic suspension may appeal to the Director of Admissions for special consideration.
Required Physical Education
Students are encouraged to take a P.E. class each semester for their present and future health.  Texarkana College students should check with the school to which they plan to transfer to determine the number of physical education courses required by that institution.  Students may take the same P.E. two times for credit at TC.  Some students may be eligible for exemption by meeting one of the following criteria:

  • Furnish a health certificate indicating a permanent physical impairment.  The certificate must be signed by a physician.
  • Furnish a transcript indicating completion of two physical education activity courses.
  • Are over 25 years of age.
  • Furnish proof of military service.
Required New and Returning Student Orientation
New Student Orientation or College 101 is designed for all first-time and transfer students who have never attended Texarkana College and for returning students who have been away from the college for one year. Workforce students who are either new to Texarkana College or new to the workforce program are also required to complete College 101. College 101 will assist students with academic success, financial aid, myTC navigation, and library services. Students complete registration for College 101 in advising. The cost is $20.00 and is billed directly to your student account.  
Required English
All first-time students enrolled in 12 or more semester hours are required to take an English course.  The criteria for determining which English course the student must take are stated in the general requirements for admission to TC.  English 0031 and English 0032 are not transferable and do not count toward an associate degree at Texarkana College.
 Guarantee for Transfer and Job Competency*Texarkana College guarantees to its Associate of Arts and Sciences graduates and other students who have completed a formal transfer plan the transferability of course credits to cooperating Texas colleges and universities.  If such courses are rejected by a college or university, a student may take tuition-free alternate courses at Texarkana College, which are acceptable to the university.

Texarkana College guarantees the job competencies of its graduates.  If an Associate of Applied Science or a certificate graduate is judged by his/her employer to be lacking in technical job skills identified as exit competencies for his/her specific degree program, the graduate will be provided up to nine tuition-free credit hours or one quarter of additional skills training by Texarkana College.

*Additional information on the guarantee is available in the Admissions Office or Advising Center.

 Baccalaureate Tuition RebateStudents are entitled to a $1,000.00 tuition rebate if they earn a baccalaureate degree without having more than three hours in excess of the minimum catalog degree requirements for receiving a first bachelor’s degree.  The purpose of this rebate is for students to complete their baccalaureate studies with as few courses outside the degree plan as possible.  The rebate applies to students who entered an institution of higher education fall 1997 or later.  All Texas public institutions of higher education are required by Section 54.0065 of the Texas Education Code, to notify students of the existence of the tuition rebate program.  Texas public baccalaureate-granting general academic institutions are required to offer rebates to eligible students.  For more information and eligibility requirements on this rebate contact the Texarkana College Advising Center.