Early Admissions Program

General Requirements

High school juniors and seniors who are prepared to accept academic responsibility may enroll in TC’s Early Admissions Program. Included in this program are academic transfer classes and vocational course offerings. Under the provisions of this program, students may enroll following their sophomore year. In some cases, enrollment may be limited to a maximum of two (2) courses each semester, with the approval of the high school counselor or principal.

This program is not in competition with, or in lieu of, high school credit. It is designed to offer juniors and seniors the opportunity to accelerate their educational program.

Admissions Requirements

To be admitted to this program, all students must:

  1. Have written permission from the high school principal or counselor
  2. Have written permission from parent or guardian
  3. Complete a TC application for admission at www.applytexas.org
  4. Present a completed Early Admissions Form and a current high school transcript at the time of registration

Students enrolling in academic transfer courses must also meet the following requirements:

  1. Have an overall ”88“ grade average as determined by the high school principal or counselor (An exception to the grade average may be made for students who are enrolled in accelerated programs if they are recommended by their high school principal or counselor.)
  2. Qualify for a TSI exemption or have taken a TSI approved test (Click here for more information regarding TSI requirements.)
Awarding Credit

Official college transcripts will be made available to students while they are enrolled in high school; however, upon graduation from high school, the student’s official records will be held until the Office of Admissions receives a completed high school transcript. Re-enrollment at TC following high school graduation is encouraged, but is not required for receiving credit. TC cannot guarantee transferability of early admission credits to all four-year institutions. Students should check with the institution they plan to transfer to regarding the transferability of early admissions coursework.

Dual Credit Information

For additional information concerning dual credit and early admissions you may contact the following offices at Texarkana College:

Dual Credit Programs at area high schools: Stephanie Stokes, Dual Credit Coordinator, stephanie.stokes@texarkanacollege.edu , (903) 823-3450 ext. 3214  

Admissions and Early Admissions to Texarkana College: Lee Williams III, Director of Admissions, lee.williams@texarkanacollege.edu, (903) 823-3016

Advisement for all students enrolling at Texarkana College: Larry Andrews, Director of Recruitment, Advising, and Retention, larry.andrews@texarkanacollege.edu  (903) 823-3349 
Kelly Butler, Advisor/Recruiter, kelly.butler@texarkanacollege.edu (903) 823-3153
Stacy Campbell, Advisor /Retention Specialist, stacy.campbell@texarkanacollege.edu (903) 823-3379