Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is the Assessment and Testing Center located on Campus?
From the  main entrance of the college on Robison Road,  take an immediate right. The Testing Center is located in room 11 of the  Business and Computer Technology building. The BCT building is the one with the long row of beautiful brick arches.

What are your hours of operation?

Fall TESTING CENTER HOURS august 25 through january 2 2015

Testing Center Hours Calendar

Testing Center Hours Monthly Calendar


Please note that posted hours are subject to change:   The testing center will follow the same closures and early dismissals as the Texarkana College campus.

What tests do you offer?
A2, Ability To Benefit (ATB), Accuplacer, ACT, ASE, Certiport, CLEP, Comira, Compass, GED, Iso-Quality, Keyboard Proficiency, LaserGrade (PSI), Quick THEA , Pearson Vue, Proctored/Correspondence Exams, SAT, SouthWest Tow Operators, Texas Commission on Fire Protection, and VCT – Virtual College of Texas.

Are bathroom breaks allowed?
Generally there are no bathroom breaks; however, some state and national exams and some instructors allow depending on the exam.

What must I bring on test day?
A valid state or student picture ID is required. Some state and national exams require more. You will need a scantron or calculator if required by your instructor.

When will I receive my test scores?
Depending on the test you are taking; some scores are immediate, others depend on the instructor or the testing company.

What is a placement test?
A placement test determines what level you are at so that you are enrolled in the correct classes.

Can the placement test be re-taken?
Most placement tests can be taken again within 30 days.

When are placement tests given?
It depends on the hours of operation and the test.

May students bring children with them to the Assessment and Testing Center?
No children are allowed in the testing area.

Can I use a calculator?
For the computerized placement tests, there is a built in calculator. For THEA, a basic calculator is allowed. For instructor exams, it is determined by the instructor and type of exam.

Am I allowed to bring a cell phone, mp3, pager, etc. into the Assessment and Testing Center?
No electronics are allowed in the Assessment and Testing Center. All cellphones must be turned completely off and left in waiting area.

I missed a test in class. How will I know if my test is in the Assessment and Testing Center?
First contact your instructor to see if the test has been delivered. If you want to make sure it is there, you may call the Assessment and Testing Center at 903-823-3278.

What are the testing center INSTRUCTOR Policies?

When using the testing center, please follow the procedures listed below:

Password Required Exam Policy…Exams MUST contain the following on the Password Page:

–>  Course Name

–>  Instructor Name

–>  Exam Name/ Exam Number/Chapter Number

Printed Exam Policy…Exams MUST contain the following preferably on EACH PAGE:

–>  Course Name

–>  Instructor Name

–>  Exam Name/ Exam Number/Chapter Number

ALL Testing Center Exams MUST be submitted with the following:

–>  Most Recent Roll

  • Proctors will indicate on the roll which students have tested

–>  Completed Cover Sheet:

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

For other questions or concerns, you may call the Assessment and Testing Center and speak with our informative proctors at 903-823-3278 or Dr. Lori Rochelle – Testing Center Coordinator at 903-823-3340.