Automotive Technology

Automotive Technology


Faculty: Mark Jones
Lab Assistant: Kevin Veal

The Automotive Technology certificate program offers a number of career options by providing students the opportunity to earn a one year certificate. Most of our students go directly into the workforce as technicians while some go on to start their own business.

A background in auto and diesel technology can be a valuable asset in a number of careers:

Automotive Service Technician
Diesel Service Technician
Customer Service/Diagnostics

The Automotive Technology program consists of 42 semester credit hours of coursework and commonly takes three semesters to complete when taken during the day. The range of study varies from Introduction to the Automotive Industry to Steering and Suspension Systems.

Automotive Job Statistics.pdf

Location: Career Education Center

Program Coordinator: Mark Jones

Degrees Offered: Level I Certificate

Level I Certificate
Fall Semester
AUMT 1405 Intro to Automotive Technology   4 SCH
AUMT 1312 Basic Automotive Service   3 SCH
AUMT 1257 Automotive Brake Systems Theory   2 SCH
AUMT 1310 Automotive Brake Systems   3 SCH
AUMT 1307 Automotive Electrical Systems   3 SCH
Spring Semester
AUMT 1316 Automotive Suspension/Steering Systems   3 SCH
AUMT 1319 Automotive Engine Repair   3 SCH
AUMT 1345 Automotive Climate Control Systems   3 SCH
AUMT 2313 Automotive Drive Train and Axles   3 SCH
AUMT 2317 Automotive Engine Performance Analysis I   3
                                                                    TOTAL                                                                                                                                                                 15              SCH
Summer Semester
AUMT 2301 Automotive Management   3 SCH
AUMT 2434 Automotive Engine Performance Analysis II   4 SCH
AUMT 2332 Automotive Automatic Transmission/Trans-axle II   3 SCH
AUMT 2289 Internship   2 SCH