Business and Social Science Division

Welcome to the Business and Social Science Division. The social sciences include all the disciplines dedicated to the scientific understanding of human behavior. Social scientists study the ways that people act and think, as individuals and as members of organized groups and societies. With each passing year, the social sciences become even more important in helping to make sense of the rapid and profound changes occurring all around us.

In the Fall of 2010, the Business Division was eliminated as a Divison. Accounting, Business, Economics, and Marketing were merged with the Social Science Division. We are proud to have those programs in this division and will continue to support their tradition of excellence. The name of the Division was changed to the Business and Social Science Division at that time.

We hope you make yourself comfortable and browse through our Website. We are an academic division including the following disciplines: Accounting, Business Administration, Child Development, Criminal Justice, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling, Economics, Geography, Government, History, Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology. These courses are transferrable to other colleges and universities. Check the transfer guides for the institution to which you plan to transfer. 

The Business and Social Science Division courses fulfill associate degree graduation requirements in many fields of study as well as offering:

Student Government Association will be taking applications for membership during the month of September, 2013. Applications can be returned to Professor Doug Saffel, Sponsor, in office L, Social Science Building.

Associate of Applied Science degrees in:
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Associate of Arts degrees are offered in:
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The Social Science Division offers career training (certificate programs) in the following areas:
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Contact Information

Sam Rivas: Division Chair
Phone: 903.823.3380
Office location: Center Office in the Social Science Building

Mary Hedrick: Administrative Assistant
Phone: 903.823.3322
Office location: Center Office in the Social Science Building


Careers In Social Science

Business Manager
Child Development Specialist
College Professor
Law Enforcement Officer
Political Scientist
Probation Officer
Public Relations
Religious Leaders and Clergy Workers
Social Workers
School Teachers
Urban Planners