The Texarkana College Department of Music offers the first two years of a curriculum leading toward a Bachelor of Music Education degree, and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in music.  Courses taught are those required for the first two years of a senior college, and if successfully completed should transfer to the student’s senior college of choice.

Since the study of music in the first two years is largely the accumulation of fundamental music skills, a suggested course of study is offered which will encourage the development of these skills.  Taking these courses out of order or postponing courses until the junior or senior year may seriously jeopardize the student’s degree or even prolong the term of study.

During the first semester of enrollment in the Department of Music each student is assigned an advisor who will counsel him during his first two years of study. This will normally be the faculty member who teaches the student’s major applied instrument.  This will assure an adherence to the prescribed curriculum and avoid confusion in planning the course of study.

Each student planning to earn a music degree will choose voice or an instrument which will be studied each semester during the two years.  Those who wish to have this instrument as their major and who qualify will register for the two hour course of instruction.

Private instruction in Voice, Piano, Organ, Percussion, Woodwinds, Low Brass and Strings is offered each semester for students majoring or minoring in Applied Music.


Students who elect music as a minor may complete their minimum two year requirements by selecting courses in music theory, music literature, music education, and applied music. If students plan to minor in music they should contact one of the music faculty members to outline their course of study to include the necessary music courses.

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