Humanities and Performing Arts

Texarkana College
2500 North Robison Road
Texarkana, Texas 75599

The Humanities and Performing Arts Division is the Fine Arts Center of the Texarkana College Campus.

The Division offers a full array of English and Speech classes, as well as major concentrations
in Art, Drama, Foreign Languages, Journalism, and Music.

The Division offers students the ability to prepare themselves with the communication skills, the
artistic sensibilities, the breadth and depth of understanding, and the creativity to effect positive
change in their workplaces, personal lives, and the world.

All students will be prepared to successfully matriculate into a four-year University system.

Check out upcoming events in the Division’s Calendar!

Mary Ellen Young: Division Chair
Phone: 903.823.3369
Email: Mary Ellen Young

Laurie Williams: Administrative Assistant
Phone: 903.823.3360
Email: Laurie Williams