TC Pharmacy-Technician Program

Pharmacy Technician

The Pharmacy Technician Curriculum prepares aspiring pharmacy technicians for entry-level positions in this critical and fast-growing field. This curriculum is available for the career-minded individual who enjoys making a difference in healthcare. See the office of advising for more information on how to enroll in this pathway to the healthcare workforce. Contact Karen Holt by calling (903)823-3351 or by emailing


One Semester
PHRA 1301 - Introduction to Pharmacy
PHRA 1305Drug Classification
PHRA 1309Pharmaceutical Math
PHRA 1202Pharmacy Law
PHRA 1391Special Topics in Institutional and Community Pharmacy Practice
PHRA 1260Clinical: Pharmacy

Pharmacy Technician Admission Requirements

  1. Submit a completed Application for Admission indicating Pharmacy Technician as your major and the date of desired enrollment at
  2. Submit an official high school transcript or GED scores and transcripts from all other colleges attended.  Graduates of the Pharmacy Technician Curriculum must be 18 years of age to challenge the state certification exams.
  3. Attend a personal guidance interview with a member of the college advising staff or with the H2P completion specialist.  To schedule an advising session, you may call (903)823-3351 or email
  4. Complete the reading, English, and arithmetic portions of the Accuplacer exam.  You must meet or exceed these scores for admission to the Pharmacy Technician Program:  Reading = > 60;  English = > 62; Arithmetic = > 42Students who do not meet the reading and/or writing portions are encouraged to take a non-course based mini-camp or ENGL 0041 and/or 0042.  Students who do not meet the standard for the arithmetic portion are encouraged to take a non-course based mini-camp and/or MATH 0029
  5. A satisfactory background check and negative drug screen are required to be able to go to the clinical location.
  6. Applicants must have proof of Hepatitis B vaccine series and meningitis vaccine.  Proof of a Negative TB skin test within six months prior to starting classes is also required.


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Disability Act Statement:

Texarkana College complies with all provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act and makes reasonable accommodations upon request. Please contact Larry Andrews at 903.823.3283, or go by the Recruitment, Advisement, and Retention Department located in the Administration building for personal assistance.


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