Math and Science Division

The Division of Math and Science provides instruction in academic- transfer programs. Students may pursue university-parallel transfer courses for major fields of study in the biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics and physics disciplines. Required pre-professional coursework for admission to nursing and allied-health fields, health sciences (medicine, physician assistant, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, podiatry) and environmental science as well as professional engineering programs are offered through the division. Students who complete the prescribed requirements may earn the Associate of Science degree.

Academic Programs: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Engineering, Geology, Mathematics, Physical Science, Physics

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Program

Biology Department Faculty

Chemistry Department Faculty

Mathematics Department Faculty

The division offices are located in the  Chemistry and Physical Science Buildings.



Division Director : Catherine  Howard, EdD.

Professor of Chemistry / Biology
Phone: (903) 838-4541  Ext. 3285
Office Number CHEM 207


Administrative Assistant – Science: Sandy Francis
Phone: (903) 838-4541  Ext. 3259
Office Number CHEM 207


Administrative Assistant  – Math: Sandy Klar
Phone: (903) 838-4541  Ext. 3311
Office Number PS 12