President’s Message

Today, education beyond high school is not just a preference; it’s a requirement for most fields. Statistics show that people earn much more over their lifetimes with each higher level of educational attainment. In fact, workers who have an associate degree make an average of $500,000 more in their lifetime than those with only a high school diploma or less.

Since 1927, Texarkana College has provided high quality, affordable and accessible education to residents of the Ark-La-Tex. Texarkana College blows the competition away in affordability. In a time when students are graduating from four-year colleges and universities with massive amounts of debt, we offer a substantial discount on the first two years of a bachelor’s degree. Our brand new financial aid center is ready to assist students with Pell Grants and student loans. Come by in person to our office at 2500 N. Robison Road or call 903-823-3267 to speak with one of our financial aid experts today.

Our tuition may be low, but here at Texarkana College you will learn from first-class instructors. Quality education at Texarkana College starts with our caring faculty members and a low student-faculty ratio that enables instructors to get to know students personally. Our instructors spend their free time sponsoring student organizations, as well as taking students to competitions and on excursions and field trips. Their passion for seeing students succeed extends well beyond the classroom.

It’s easy to transfer our credits to a university, where you can obtain a bachelor’s degree, and we also offer a variety of programs designed to help students directly enter the workforce upon completion. These programs provide students with the skills they need to enter a high-demand career in a short amount of time.

Texarkana College has been here to serve this community since 1927, and we’re ready to serve you. Come by and meet with one of our enrollment specialists learn more about our programs. You may also call and ask to speak to an advisor or financial aid expert at 903-823-3456. I welcome you to contact me personally at 903-823-3198 or by email at if you have any questions about Texarkana College.

We appreciate what this community has done to support Texarkana College and our mission of providing a great place to start or start over. Here at Texarkana College, we know that we’re more than a college; we’re a community. I am proud to be a part of this organization, and I am looking forward to helping you enroll here.

James Henry Russell, CPA